Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Deer

Deer hunting season ended this past weekend and, unfortunately, Matt did not get his first deer. He was disappointed but I think he's quit beating himself up over it. It was a rough hunting season -- the guys just didn't see hardly any this year. My dad got one deer and another fellow hunter got two. Matt didn't get any and neither did my uncle who hunts with them. Sunday afternoon we put away the hunting gear and washed their, uh, nature-fresh unwashed clothing.

On Sunday night when Matt & I got home, we got a call from my sister. She said, "Tell Matt I got him a deer." My reply was OH NO!! She had hit a deer with their van on the way to Bible study that evening. She was fine but the 8-point buck smashed in the front corner of the van pretty good. My dad ended up going down with his truck, taking the deer home and tagging it. That's not typically the way we like to get deer around here, but unfortunately, it does happen on occasion! (And the sad irony is that we had actually joked about 'if we couldn't get a deer with the gun we could always use the car' - yikes!) This is the 3rd car accident caused by a deer that someone in my family has been in -- and the 2nd with this same van.

Hopefully next year we can return to 'normal' hunting season habits and activities!

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