Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sitting Around

Since we returned from Christmas in NY, Madison seems to be taking leaps instead of steps in her growth and development. There are several things she was almost doing before that she is now doing by herself & all the time.

One of them is sitting up by herself. She was doing this before but with less balance. Now, when she's playing on the floor, she has to be sitting up or she fusses. If I try to lay her on her back, that's just not good enough anymore. It makes her seem SO much older to see this little 'kid' sitting on the floor playing, instead of a helpless baby on her back.

Also, since she had so much constant attention in NY with family & friends, she's been even more time consuming at home with just Mommy because she wants that constant attention. I find myself sitting on the floor playing with her a lot... which is fun & sweet but doesn't help me get anything done around the house.

Few more 5 month pictures on Picasa -


Olivia Joy said...

AH-HAH!!!!!! I have found your blog!
Your baby is really cute!!!
Sorry you had to find our blog right as my DEAR sister Anja posted those horrid photos of me >: Don't worry they are not always that scary!
Stop by again sometime! and leave a comment! I get way too excited when people comment :)

Olivia Joy said...

Ah-HAH!!!!! I have found your blog!!
Your baby is REALLY cute! I wish I could have held her, but your dear husband had her brainwashed so that every time I walked by she started bawling :)
Sorry you had to visit our blog for the first time and have to view those HORRID photos of me. That was my dearest sister Anja.
Do stop by again...and leave a comment. I get way too excited about them :)