Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sitting & Squirming

Whenever I get a glimpse of say Madison's 1 month pictures, I'm amazed at what a tiny, scrawny thing she was. She seems so much bigger now - even though people still comment on how small she is. Here's a new outfit from Grammy --

Man, she is all over lately. She's quickly figuring out how to get around. Sitting, squirming, reaching, rolling to the tummy, rolling to the back, to the tummy again, pushing up, scootching back, twisting around... I can still walk out of the room for a few minutes and she's OK on the floor with her toys, but she's usually in a different spot when I come back. We're not far from the day I won't be able to walk out of the room & just leave her anymore... well, not without some training which requires work on my part. With all this getting around, she's also in different positions in her crib when I go to get her up. Sometimes her cry is a little different and that usually means she got herself up on all fours but now she's not sure what to do. So she stays 'stuck' in that position til I get her up. Poor thing.

We recently introduced her to the Baby Einstein videos, which she loves. The Baby Beethoven is great because it's basically just classical music & toys in motion - good brain food. They are especially nice to put on if she's getting fussy but it's still a little too early for a nap & Mama's in the middle of something. Both baby & the cat sit riveted to the TV for about 20 minutes. They are both pretty funny to watch, so cute --

She's still doing well with her solids. I'll often offer her 2 different things now at each meal. She really does well with anything I give her, but she's becoming especially fond of her fruits - opens her mouth a little wider & with a little more excitement than the other stuff --

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Sarah M. said...

Such a big girl she's getting to be and such beautiful eyes. :)