Monday, March 16, 2009

Missing Madison

Yesterday Madison went to stay with Nana & Boppa for a few days. She'll be back on Wednesday. It was either that or have my mom drive up to Rochester again for the next several days to help out. I figured it would be better to send her down there -- saves on my mom's time & gas and also gives Madison the chance to enjoy the variety of all the animals and gives her the opportunity to be outdoors in the nice weather we've had. I'm definitely a lot better but still feeling like I need to take it easy a little longer -- and taking care of Madison requires a lot of lifting and bending - exactly what I'm not supposed to do. So I'm without my sweet, cheerful little girl for a few days. It's a relief to not have the added worry of taking care of her as I recover... but I'm sad to be without her -- and post-pregnancy hormones have kicked in so everything makes me cry. :-P So here are a few pictures of Madison from the other day... just another thing to make me cry...

(Like the nice boo-boo on the left of her forehead? She fell & wacked her head on a bookshelf the other day... right after I'd commented that we still had to get pictures of her & Avery together. Lovely. So now the first pics we have of them are with Madison's bonk on her head.)

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Jennifer said...

Awww after looking at those pictures I miss her too!! lol...That little face is addicting. On the bright side think of all the bonding time you'll get with Avery for the next couple days :) Give my Kinsley girls hugs and kisses from their Auntie Jenny!