Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Post-Partum Waist

Well, I'm two and a half weeks out from giving birth. I finally got around to weighing myself this morning. It was a little more encouraging than my weight when they checked it in the hospital at least. (Matt had commented to the nurse, "How could she give birth to a 9 lb. baby & only lose 5 lbs.??" The answer of course is you're pumped full of fluids with a c-section.) So anyway, so far I've lost 25 lbs. from my weight at the time of giving birth. Not too bad... but I'm still up about 13 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight... and that includes about 15 lbs. leftover from having Madison that I never got rid of. Ugh, I hope I have an active, calorie-burning Spring season!


Niecey said...

Good job on 25 down already!

Sarah M. said...

That's great! It sounds like your post-partum time is going well. Good news, all my friends with 2 or 2+ kids tell me that they burn calories a lot more after having the second child. Of course warm weather definitely helps!