Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Review

We made it to church this past Sunday -- first time there with Avery. Madison wore a dress which she hasn't done very often over the winter -- just so cold. So she enjoyed swishing back and forth with her skirt on.

Great Grandma T met Avery (Grandma will be 90 yrs. old in a couple weeks) --

Madison is very into kissing babies --

What a big girl --


Niecey said...

I love that outfit in the bottom pic!

Jennifer said...

Ok Madison is seriously the cutest child ever! She looks so pretty in these pictures, she gets prettier all the time if that's even possible. Next tine you guys are gonna be down give me a call I want to see Avery!!

Sarah M. said...

Cute dress. We've had warmer weather so Lauren's been able to wear dresses quite a bit. She likes to run to the mirror to look at herself each morning when she's dressed, especially on Sundays.

Btw, I got Lauren's hair back in a ponytail last Sunday, but never got a picture. I'll have to try again, it was cute.