Friday, March 6, 2009


Just wanted to post a brief note here before I go to bed. Surgery went very well today. I had general anesthesia despite about a half dozen hospital personnel trying to talk me out of it. If someone is going to cut me open, for heavens sake, I don't want to be awake for it! No thanks! So I drifted off to sleep and awoke to our new baby girl.

Other than still being groggy & having heavy eyelids all day, I am feeling exceptionally good - 1000 times better than after the experience with Madison. Granted, I've still got plenty of recovering to do, but I'm feeling mentally alert, not too sore and physically pretty energetic. Praise God! Depending on how I'm doing, I might even request to go home on Sunday instead of Monday -- we'll see.

Nana & Boppa brought Madison to visit her little sister earlier this evening. It was very sweet - Madison loves baby & got so excited every time Avery cried, which, I might add, hasn't been all that often. So far at least, she seems to be a fairly content baby. The nursing is coming slowly -- she's latching on but, unlike Madison who just looooved to eat even at that age, Avery seems very laid back about food & I'm having to work on waking her up every 3 hours to eat - and even then she'd rather suck on her hand. So hopefully as time goes on, she'll catch on a little more.

We'll try & get more pictures posted tomorrow.


PoohGirl said...

I am so happy for you both. She is so cute. I hope you recover soon.
Maybe one of these days we might see each other.

Niecey said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I'm praying for your recovery. Sweet to hear about Madison meeting her :) She's going to be a great big sister.