Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Pics

I'm typing one-handed -- holding the baby. Here are a few more pics. Avery definitely looks like her daddy, but as the tone of her skin evens out, she definitely resembles Madison as a newborn.

Wow - look at that tired mama! This (below) was Friday - for the full day after the surgery I was physically unable to open my eyes all the way. Felt ok but looked totally groggy. What a big girl Madison is - now especially.

Dr. Purnell -- a sister in the Lord and the capable hands that cut Avery out of my belly! We really love my doctor --

Proud Boppa & Nana --

1 comment:

Niecey said...

She's so beautiful.
Yes, isn't it weird how your older "babies" suddenly look huge when you have a newborn. I always think they look like they have huge heads hehe.

How wonderful that you have a DR you love. That makes a big difference to the whole experience. When you feel comfortable.

Love you guys. All 4 of you. Wow, a family of 4 now :) It's awesome.